Don Hill’s Lock and Safe began in 1964 as “Don Hill’s Lock and Gun Shop” owned by Don Hill Sr. At that time, we combined locksmithing and gunsmithing. We bought, sold and repaired firearms and sold ammunition. In 1995, Don Hill Sr. passed away and the business no longer sold or repaired firearms in 2001. After his death, the business was run by Jeanette Hill until 2002 when Don Hill Jr. took it over from his mother and changed the name to “Don Hill’s Lock and Safe”.

Don Hill Jr. – Owner/Locksmith
License #0734

Karen Hill – Owner

Joshua Bryant –  Locksmith
License #1102

Matt Howell – Locksmith
License #1273

Jean Howell – Administrative Assistant

Brian Cole – Locksmith
License #2021

Paul Meyers – Locksmith
License #2093

                                                                                                                     Clint Taylor – Locksmith                                                                          License #2258

                                                                                       Jon Vermeer                                                                                              Dispatcher/Office Administrator


J.E. Lloyd – Locksmith

J.E. will be remembered by Don Hill’s Lock & Safe employees, customers, friends and family for all of his hard work and dedication.